By Leon


Carrying Worrier

Cosmi is a huge worrier. He always thinks the worst is going to happen, because it usually does. Umm..It’s not that bad actually. Despite this, he really cares for his crew mates and would do anything to save them.


Eternal Optimist

Roi is amazed by pretty much anything he sees. Everything is brilliant to him and he is an eternal optimist – even when gigantic mutant star-lizards attack the ship.
‘Woah cool or what! Everyone pick your favourite lizard and the one that eats us is the winner! Mine’s called Carl!’ 


Acute sense of courtesy 

At first meeting Henge seems a bit cold and unfriendly. This isn’t the case as she’s incredibly kind, loyal, wise and intelligent. She just likes to process all that’s going on around her before suggesting a course of action.



Fendral is loud, funny and can be incredibly sarcastic. Her humour is lost on Henge, but the others think she’s hilarious. She’s also the bravest member of the crew.