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Fendral is loud, funny and can be incredibly sarcastic. Her humour is lost on Henge, but the others think she’s hilarious. She’s also the bravest member of the crew. Fendral is also a terrible practical joker and cannot resist the urge to prank her pals, even at the worst of time –if they are under attack for example. She really cannot help herself.
She has two serious personality weaknesses though and both are BIG problems for the crew. One, she can fall in love with someone, something out of the blue and become 101% devoted to it at the drop of a hat. You CANNOT change her mind. You have to wait until she suddenly loses interest and laughs it off.
Secondly, her temper can suddenly just snap for the most bizarre reasons and she will go absolutely space-banana-cosmic-crazy. If the crew could control her bouts of temper they could use it as a weapon against their enemies, but it’s impossible to control.